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Hello all, I have recently stumbled on to tumblr, and it seemed like as good of place as any for my Blog.

Information about me is strictly need to know.

+so here is what you need to know
+sexually experienced
+ addicted to all things sexual
+Enjoys others sex stories
+Loves Porn
+My blog dedicated to everything sex.
+Personal stories
+submissions( both anon and not alike)
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+and my prefered sexual theme/position of the day

Sex in a submarine…and neither of us were in the forces.

So when I was 17, my ex(actually my boyfriend through most of highschool and til was about 19) went to family summer camp. I know lame. Well there were groups…we were part of the teen group.

Well the teen group took an over night trip to the U.S.S SILVERSIDE , it was a decomissioned WW2 submarine. Turned tourists attraction/ historical site. It was pretty cool actually.

Well during the night while everyone else was asleep, we snuck into sleeping quarters that were unoccupied.

We climbed into a the top bunk. We started making out and touching eachother. Things started to get hot and heavy. We got undressed and i got on top. Slowly going up and down. He got ontop and pounded me. Then we passed out together. I know not as hot and heavy as my other stories. I just thought it was an interesting location story.

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Slammed onto the hood of a FYI on a start night…

I have written about my ex that i was so sexually compatible with it was ridiculous. Here is another one of our adventurous sexploits.

We were coming home from a concert I believe. Nothing out of the ordinary, we spent most of our times together at concerts or movies.

On the way home we got particularly horny and started fondling eachother. It was a beautiful night, as we got close to where he lived. We pulled into a secluded grassy area. We started fooling around and i slipped off my panties.

Things got hot and heavy really quick and i told him to Fuck me on his car.

We got out of the car and he thrrw me onto the hood. It was super sexy.

He started to get rough. Biting my neck and my chest. Squeezing my toys hard as i undid his pants and let the fall around his ankles.

He flipped me over so my bare chest was flat on his warm hood.

I braced my feet on his bumper as he rammed his hard cock into me. I moaned louder and louder , until my moans were screams of utter exstacy. He virtues himself as deep as he could. He was panting. Biting my neck and digging his fingers into me so hard i knew I was going to bruise. He slid out of me and i dropped to my knees.

I wrapped my warm wet mouth around his cocky and sucked. He filled my mouth with his cine. I swallowed every drop. We smiled at eachother. He took me home. When we got there he kissed my forehead. I smiled and went inside.

— 2 years ago
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So i see that I have younger viewers…much too young…

And at no offense to you I ask that you please no longer follow my blog.

It is pornographic in nature and as expressed by law pornographic sites (although tumblr is all ages) may only be viewed by those of ages 18 and older, and i obay the laws, as should you.

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Of stories

Photos (buses if you are 18 or older please, I do not supply kiddie porn, or encourage it in anyway) Positions Basically anything Would be awesome

Anon or not….

Ready Go

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Yet another sexploit.

I love that my sex life with my live is so amazing, and we both have such a hunger for it.

So the other night he was leaving to go home. We started to kiss goodbye, and this kiss became so deep and passionate, we both pulled away panting. We just looked at eachother.

He came back inside, dragged me into the bathroom.

He licked the door, picked me up and slammed me on the counter.

He pulled my shorts off as I undid his, as soon as they slid down past his coxk, he was deep inside my soaking wet vinyl.

I couldn’t help but moan loudly in his ear. He kissed me to try to muffled my my moaning. It was useless because soon he was moaning just as loud.

He kept slamming his Dick into me and I could feel my cine dripping onto his cock. My muscles contracted around his Dick making my pussy even tighter.

He pushed my head back into the mirror and started sucking on my toys…. I cam so hard I couldn’t help but scream. He started thrusting harder and faster, deeper, he was moaning, as he cam, deep and hard inside me. I hopped down off the counter, my legs were weak. He cleaned up. Kissed me goodbye and letft.

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We had a wedding last night.

Got good and drunk.

Went back to our hotel room, where I passed out.

I was woken up at 730 to my love shoving his hard coxk into me. It made my pussy instantly soaking went… We latest side by side as he jammed himself inside me. Then I rolled on my back and he pressed his weight against my naked tits. I moaned loud in his ears as he plowed my pussy and my cine dripped down his long hard shaft.

He finished inside me and latest his head on my chest. We passed out

— 2 years ago
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I’ll share mine if you share yours.

I want submissions….anon or not.

The question What is the weirdest/ most interesting place you have had sex?

If I get 5 submissions….. I will share in explicit detail my strangest/ most interesting places

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